MEDREM - Sales Boost Tool For PHARMACIST.

MEDREM is a sales boost tool specially developed for Pharmacists to notify disorder patients to refuel their medicine stock. It sends an SMS alert to the patient's mobile number before the medicines stock gets exhausted and they can re-purchase their medicines on time.

Powered by Infotech Inc.

MEDREM is an Android based application developed and maintained by Infotech Incorporate.


From Android 5.0 to 12 user can download and install MEDREM for your daily business needs.

MEDREM features & advantages

Check out the advantages of MEDREM

Improves and Boost Sales

It reminds your Clients (Patients) by sending an SMS about the medicine stock and reminder to re-purchase it from your stores.

Pay as you Use

Application is 100% Free only you pay for SMS that you consume in the application*. Standard T&C apply.